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Kilarney S/E QLD



Northern Rivers NSW

As a third generation Organic Farmer and Cattle Producer, Paul Graham has a profound understanding of his environment and the delicate balances required in order to produce outstanding organically grown beef.  Applying an holistic farming approach in raising his cattle Paul has selected the Black Angus breed for their superior table qualities and intramuscular marbling. By using pasture rotation methods and not introducing grain into their diet Paul has produced a truely unique product this is of world Class.

Beef should not only be determined by its visual appeal, but more importantly on the degree of healthy fats and proteins which it contains.  Fig Trees Organic Farm produces outstanding Hereford cattle, grazed exclusively on native pastures in order to produce exceptional quality nutritional and flavorsome chemical free beef the way nature intended.



Central Western NSW

Considered the Rolls Royce of Australian Organic Beef, Gundooee Organic Wagyu is found only in the finest of restaurants and afforded to only a handful of selected organic meat providores. We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer this product to the discerning buyer in limited supply. Gundooee organic Wagyu has been selectively bred and raised on deep rooted native pastures to exacting standards which is evident in the resultant marbling and intense flavours of this truely unique Australian product.

Mallow Organic Farm

Mallow Organic Farm adopts biological farming principles where emphasis is on excellent soil conditions to maximize plant health and produce lambs that are flavoursome as well as abundant in essential nutrients. Lambs are bred on the property and enjoy free range grazing with no use of hormones, chemicals or grain feeding.

Sunforest Organic Farm

The Sunforest Organic Farm is located in the red soil escarpment of Byron Bay. One of the few remaining Australian Certified Organic Pork producers, Sunforest allows for their Berkshire Pigs to roam freely around the property and enjoy life as pigs were meant to. Free of hormones, chemicals and with an abundance of native pasture the intense flavour and marbling of this unique pork is testament to the vision of this dedicated farmer.

Bendele Organic Poultry Farm

Bendele Organic Poultry Farm raises chickens free from chemical pesticides, growth promotants, herbicides, antibiotics and genetic modifications whilst maintaining an environment dedicated to working with nature not against it. Day old chickens are hand reared until they are old enough to explore the outside world where the birds receive a balanced certified organic diet, clean housing and are free to roam in the sunshine as nature intended.

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