We support farmers that demonstrate holistic, respectful and organic farming practises in the raising of their animals. We undertake an intensive due diligence process in selecting our farmers to ensure our product is organic and free-range certified.

We pride ourselves on not only providing certified organic produce but also selecting farmers that produce a healthy and tasty product.


As a third generation Organic Farmer and Cattle Producer, Paul Graham has a profound understanding of his environment and the delicate balances required in order to produce outstanding organically grown beef.  Applying a holistic farming approach in raising his cattle Paul has selected the Black Angus breed for their superior table qualities and intramuscular marbling.

By using pasture rotation methods and not introducing grain into their diet Paul has produced a truly unique product that is of world Class.


Elliott Premium Farm adopts biological farming principles where the emphasis is on excellent soil conditions to maximize plant health and produce lambs that are flavoursome as well as abundant in essential nutrients. Lambs are bred on the property and enjoy free range grazing with no use of hormones, chemicals or grain feeding.

Paddock rotation is an important part of the nurturing process, making sure their animals are getting a wide variety of naturally grown, chemical free plant life in their diet.


Gooralie is a mixed farming property situated near Goondiwindi, on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs.

After a lifetime of producing lamb and beef the natural way, they chose to establish a free-range breeding herd to produce pork in a natural, outdoor environment.

Gooralie Free-Range Pork is Free-Range in accordance with Australian Pork Limited’s (APL) APIQ Free Range Certification and RSPCA Guidelines.

Mark and Charise work hard to keep their animals happy and stress-free. Creating a High-quality product and an enjoyable life for the animals.

Gooralie endeavours to grow their own grain, making sure their animals enjoy a chemical and stimulant free natural diet.



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